Donations Generated from Past Events

One of our most important missions is to safeguard children. In Panama we have provided support and monies to help children with terminal or life threatening diseases, those living in foster homes, and those in group home settings. We have also provided financial resources to benefit organizations that work toward protecting the well-being and health of youngsters.

Monies and equipment have also been donated by Fundacion Panama to hospitals, special education schools, various churches, and many other charitable organizations.

Every year a special committee from our organization travels to Panama to make a special delivery of our donations and at the same time, study other charities and organizations that urgently need our assistance.  Among the charitable organizations that have benefited from our efforts are the following:

·         Asilo Bolivar, Panama City, Panama

·         Asociación Panameña Contra el Sida, Panama City, Panama

·         Asociación Pro Nutrición, Panama City, Panama

·         Asociación Pro Niños Excepcionales de Panamá, Panama City, Panama

·         Asociación Pro Obras de Beneficencia, Panama City, Panama

·         Asociación Fuentes de Agua, Panama City, Panama

·         Asociación Franciscana de San Antonio, David, Chiriquí

·         Asociación Pro-Niñez Panameña, Panama City, Panama

·         Carmen Conte Lombardo, Penonomé, Coclé

·         Casa Esperanza, Panama City, Panama

·         Centro Pastoral de Mujeres contra el Maltrato, Panama City, Panama, 

·         Centro de Salud del Interior

·         Comedor Ernesto David Alvarado, La Mesa, Veraguas

·         Escuela Belisario Porras, Las Tablas, Los Santos

·         Escuela Nacional de Sordomudos, Panama City, Panama  

·         Escuela Bongo de Montijo,  Montijo, Veraguas,

·         FUNDACANCER, Panama City, Panama

·         Fundación Concertante de Panamá (FUNSICOPA), Panama City, Panama

·         Fundación Nuteje, Panama City, Panama

·         Fundación Pro Niñez, Panama City, Panama

·         Grupo Nueva Esperanza, Panama City, Panama

·         Hermanas Franciscanas Elizaberinas, Churuquitas, Coclé

·         Hogar CREA, Panamá, Panama City, Panama

·         Hogar San Jose de Malambo, Arraiján, Panama

·         Hogar San Francisco de Asís, Santiago, Veraguas

·         Hospital Oncológico, Panama City, Panama

·         Hospital Francisco Fábrega, Santiago, Veraguas

·         Hospital Maternal de Coclé, Penonomé, Coclé

·         Hospital Santo Tomas (Sala de Partos), Panama City, Panama

·         Hospital del Niño, Panama City, Panama

·         Hospital Aquilino Tejeira, Penonomé, Coclé

·         Internado de Jóvenes Indigenas de Sambu, Darién

·         Orfelinato Ciudad de Jesús

·         Parroquia del Buen Consejo, David, Chiriquí

·         Parroquia Maria Auxiliadora, Don Bosco, Tocumen

·         Primer Ciclo de Piedras, Veraguas

·         Programa de Niños Descalzos, Panama

·         Proyecto Jesús de los Pobres, Colegio Javier, Panama

·         Vicariato del Darién, Darién


Since one of our missions is to provide some financial relief to charitable organizations operated in the District of Columbia, Fundacion is proud to report some of the DC chartered not-for-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) which have received our contributions:


·         AFTA

·         Alcanzando Metas Foundation

·         Columbia Road Health Service

·         Clinica del Pueblo

·         District of Columbia Hospital

·         EUFOLA

·         Grupo Folclórico de Panamá en Washington (GRUFOLPAWA)

·         Hogar de Ancianos

·         IONA

·         LAYC

·         National Alliance for Hispanic Health (NAHH)

·         Organizacion de Mujeres de las Americas (OMA)

·         Operations Smile

·         Programa Jovenes Solteras (Iglesia Nuestra Senora de las Americas)

·         WICS